Prince Teixeira

I’m sure many of you have may have already noticed it, but if not, you really should. It’s scary! Mark Teixeira has a twin!

Mark Teix and Prince William.jpg

Let’s hope Mark Teixeira gets off to a better start in 2011.

Pitchers and catchers report in just a few weeks!!!


There’s a resemblance, isn’t there – something around the mouth maybe? I hope Tex gets off to his first FAST start in his career!

Wow! You’re right! Never noticed that before. Does this mean Tex comes from inbreed blood too? LOL. Just kiddin’ of course😉

That is to funny, I actually never noticed that.


Wow! You are right Virginia!
The day pf P&C is approaching! I am so excited!

They both also have the people of their collective “Nations” wanting to see them at their best this year.
Who knows, maybe Tex can get an invite to the big event by saying he is related to the Prince on some distant genological aspect.
But then nagain, if he got to kiss the bride…it might be….weird.

Rays Renegade

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