January 2010

Hip Hip, Jorge!

Midterm exams are over! Yay! This past week was…..not fun. The only good thing that came out of it was that now we are closer to Yankees baseball. Only 65 more days until Opening Day. I can’t wait! It’s been awhile since my last post. This one is for Cat who said she has been checking here everyday, waiting for something new. Sorry Cat….blame my school!

Midterm exams (especially calculus) have made me pretty cranky. The Yankee I miss most right now is the crankiest of the Yankees. I miss Jorge Posada.

Jorge Posada

Jorge Posada

Jorge Posada has been a Yankee for as long as I can remember. As of right now, Jorge is a career .277 hitter. From behind the plate, that’s pretty impressive. He was always one of my favorites back in the day around 1998. And now, he’s one of the Core 4; the 4 players who were part of that magical team. I’m positive that Jorge will end his remarkable career with these Yankees.   

Let me just say this so everyone knows for sure: I love Jorge Posada. Sometimes I pick on him and all that, but I still love him. I just love Francisco Cervelli, too. And besides, sometimes Jorge needs to be yelled at. He himself has quite the temper. Jorge has gotten into quite a few brawls in his MLB career. He has one special rivalry that I’m sure we all are aware of…


Eeew it’s Pedro…I can understand why he hates this sleazy bum…

The Posada-Pedro animosity thing is classic. I admired Jorge for standing up to Pedro. (the little coward….pushing down a cute old man like Don Zimmer? Jorge should’ve ripped his lungs out.)

I had the privilege of watching the 2009 World Series (which, by the way, my babies won) and getting to see Jorge and Pedro face off as enemies again. This is an image I really enjoy:

I love this…Pedro, right there, watching the Yankees score, and having Posada, right there, rubbing it in. Aw, Pedro….are you gonna cry? STILL YOUR DADDY! 

Alright this is the “I Miss Jorge” post, not the “I Hate Pedro” one…I should do that sometime! Anyways, back to Posada. Here is a montage of Jorge at his crankiest:


Catcher Victor Martinez #41 of the Boston Red Sox is run into by Jorge Posada #20 of the New York Yankees as he is tagged out at the plate trying to score on a hit by Nick Swisher in the second inning on August 6, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City.

Taking out a Red Sock….

Lol…he looks a little annoyed.

This year against the Blue Jays on September 15th, Jorge was at his absolute crankiest. He was thrown behind, and he completely lost it…

Posada has words with Barajas before the brawl. (CLICK PHOTO TO VIEW COMPLETE GALLERY)

Jorge’s temper is actually a reason why I like him so much. Jorge doesn’t take bull from anyone. He is always there, ready to defend himself or his Yankee teammates. Jorge will always be remembered amongst Yankee fans. Aside from being a classic Yankee, Jorge also made history. He was the first player to hit a home run in the breathtakingly-beautiful new Yankee Stadium.

Jorge, you do have your moments, but you are a great Yankee.

 Enjoy the rest of your offseason. You start your season on February 17th!

Mark Teixeira TEX!

It’s been way too long since my last post, and it’s bugging me. I hate school for keeping me away from my friends here at MLBlogs. By the way, I thank you all for helping make this blog #42 on the 2009 year list. Since I only started in July, I’d say that’s pretty good. Thanks everyone for really giving me a home here🙂

I have written this post in my head, but thanks to good old school, I haven’t had time to write it up and post it. The player I greatly miss right now is Mark Teixeira, and all the quirky things he does.

Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira

Mark is currently one of my favorite Yankees. I think he is adorable. If you closely watch him during the games, you too wilil notice the cute things that he does.

First off, Tex makes….awkward faces when he’s at the plate. When up at-bat, he puts on a blank, almost stupid expression as he gazes into the pitcher. It really cracks me up. But I shouldn’t laugh at this, because it obviously works for him. Tex’s .292 avg, 39 HR and 122 RBI were good enough to win him the Silver Slugger Award. That’s my Tex!

Then when he gets on base, the cuteness continues. He stands there taking his leads, holding his batting gloves. Holding, not wearing. Why? Like he is going to steal a base anytime soon? No offense Tex, but you are not the fastest guy to ever play the game.

Speaking of baserunning, watching Mark do that is hilarious. He takes such short strides, and pumps his arms. But what really gets me is his face! He huffs and puffs; you’d think he runs 100 miles per hour! BUT HE’S NOT! He’s so slow! I just get a kick out of him.


He’s in the zone…

My favorite cute-quirky thing Tex does is when he is manning 1st base. When holding a runner on, he stands with his glove out ready to catch the ball. But…the cute thing…and I mean cute….is that he stands there,…wiggling his butt! He does it all the time, and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s some sort of timing mechanism? Haha whatever it is, you can’t help but to notice. My Grandma (who is doing much better now. Thanks for the prayers!) even noticed and asked me if I ever noticed.  Oh, Mark….

Here he is with the Texas Rangers, doing his thing. Whoa…what’s with the tongue? It reminds me of the cutie from my last post…

Haha oh boy…Nick Swisher…oh-so attractive.

I guess I have no right to make fun of Mark for this wiggling thing either. After all, he did win the Gold Glove Award as well this past season. He is really something else.

A World Series-stretch. You’re on the “Mark,” Teixeira!

I was beyond thrilled when the Yankees acquired Mark Teixeira. I didn’t think they would get him, but I didn’t want to give up home. On Tuesday, December 23, 2008 I went on the Yankees website during the last period of the last school day before Christmas break, and this is what I saw: “Hal: No Yanks offers to Tex or Manny.” I was in shock. All I wanted for Christmas was Mark Teixeira, and it said the Yankees didn’t offer him anything. I thought the Red Sox were going to get him. I went home to start my Christmas break, but I wasn’t as happy as everyone else. I was longing for Tex.

How silly of me to have given up. After all, it was Christmas time. Miracles were possible. Later in that evening, my brother went on the computer. He was the first to find out. This is what he saw: “Yanks land Teixeira with eight-year deal.” He yelled upstairs “Virginia, the Yankees got Mark Teixeria!!” And that exclamation sent me off into a period of screaming hysterics, but the good kind. I was on top of the world. My Christmas wish came through. I will never forget that. Thank you Santa!….or should I say Brian Cashman!

Tex, I am so happy to have you with us. I’m glad you will be part of my team for a long, long time. Congrats on the Championship! I hope you are enjoying your offseason You are the perfect Yankee!


Before I begin, I’d just like to give an update on my Grandma. Well, she’s a lot better. In fact, she is out of the hospital and home with my family. She’s back to her normal self: running around doing every little chore before anyone else can, like making the beds and doing dishes. She was even dancing with my dog today! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. It’s so nice to have Grandma back to her old self🙂

Back to baseball…sort of. Nick Swisher is one of the craziest people I’ve ever seen. When I think about Swisher, it’s hard just to think about baseball. I think about clowns. And little boys. And a hot guy. Yes, Nick Swisher has a clowny, little boy mentality about him inside that hot bod. I miss Swishalicious right now.

Nick Swisher

Nick Swisher is so charming. Haha me and my blogging gal-pal Lisa have had heart-to-heart conversations about Nick before. Haha we both dig him. But aside from liking “him,” we like his performance on the field. Seriously, although he’s insane, Swish is a beast ballplayer. Last season he walked 97 times, and had 29 HR with 82 RBI out of the eigth spot! Prett impressive.

…whaaaat……lol I love this man. 

I don’t know what to say about Swish. I just miss his goofiness. He made me laugh. He is like the class clown of the Yankees. He’s one of the biggest reasons why we won it all this year. Swish provided the chemistry for the clubhouse, which led to a fun atmosphere, which led to winning! I’m just going to highlight some of the most Swishalicious moments of the season.

Well, one thing’s for certain: Nick Swisher gives max effort out there in right field. Especially at the wall.

Notice how he ripped it with his cleats. He’s done that on more than one occasion.

And he’s great when …”sliding” into the plate.


And what is with the tongue thing?

Very attractive….

But the most Swishalicious moment of the season wat obviously this: 

Bottom line, Nick Swisher made the Yankees have fun this year. And he made me have fun, too.

I sure miss you, Swish. You are quite the character.

Oh Captain! My Captain…

My Grandma requested that I write about the Yankee Captain for my next post. My Grandma is 85, and is a huge Yankee fan just like me🙂 But right now, she is going through a very tough time. She’s in the hospital and has been since Sunday, and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. If all goes well, she should be able to come home soon. Every day I have talked to her on the phone, and she asked about my blog. She wants be to write about Jeter, so I will do it for her.

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter: the epitome of class. He is the present-day Lou Gehrig. Not only is he the best player in the game (fact, lol), but he is also one of the best, most genuine people. Jeet has been on the team for my whole life. He is the Yankees. I can’t imagine the Yankees without him. I really miss Jeet right now.

Jeter should have been MVP in 2009. I don’t care if Mauer hit .700. Jeter did everything he did in the hardest division in baseball. And although the Twins came back to make the playoffs, they lost to Jeter and the Yankees in 3 games! Jeter had several amazing plays in that series. In game 2 of this ALDS, Nick Swisher threw the ball back into the infield after a base hit. Jeter caught the ball, and realized that Carlos Gomez strayed far off the bag. He quickly tagged him out, before Delmon Young could score! So the inning was over, and the Twinkies didn’t score. Then in game 3, in the 8th inning, Jeet made a fantastic play. With Punto on second, Denard Span hit a chopper to short. Jeet made a spectacular play to just get to the ball, but when his instincts took over it was just awesome. He held the ball for a bit, and then fired home, because Punto was heading for the plate! He must have thought the ball got through. So Jeet fired home, and Jorge fired to Arod at third, who tagged the diving Punto for the out. OUT! It was so cool.

Derek does a lot of Jeeterish things. That is, things that only Jeter can do. One of my favorite Jeterian specialties is his jump throw. Who says Jeter has no range? Haha Joe Morgan. Wrong! The jump throw is exciting every time.


And this is another thing that only Jeter would do:

That is what I call dedication.

The sign of a true gamer.

Derek Jeter is just the best. No wonder wherever I go I see little kids with “Jeter, 2” shirts. No wonder he has tons and tons of endorsements, and unlike other people, Jeter won’t lose them because he’s not a classless pimp (ahem, Tiger Woods). And it’s no wonder that he has a beautiful, beautiful girlfriend – I mean, fiance:

Unlike every other female in the state, I am actually genuinely happy for Jeet. I want him to be as happy as possible. And Minka is beautiful enough for him. They are adorable together! I can’t wait for this wedding!

Derek, congradulations on everything you have achieved. Congrats on breaking the Yankees all time hits record, congrats on winning your 5th World Series title, congrats on Minka, and I might as well say this now, too: congrats on being the all-time baseball hit king, and congrats on going down as the greatest baseball player ever. And congrats as doing it all as the perfect Yankee.

I’ll Go For Nady Now

-Sigh-…..So, uhh….I guess everyone heard the news….-painful sigh-….Matt Holliday agreed….to a 7 year $120 million deal with the Cardinals…..so he left me….So much for he wanted to be a Yankee….disgusting….I’m really annoyed….I mean, I pretty much knew the Yankees weren’t interested, but I couldn’t make myself believe it….I’m only writing about this because it really upset me….and..well…because it gives me an excuse to put up a picture of this handome, strong, irresistable man…

-Sigh- Oh, Matt…I guess we were never meant to be….

I can’t help but to be mad at Matt. I mean is this really what he wanted? He wanted the most money? More than Pujols? It’s ridiculous. This song really explains how I feel: angry, disgusted, and betrayed.



Okay…I got that out of the way. Now what other options are there for the Yanks for left field? I love Johnny Damon and adore him, but I think he blew it. He wanted way too much. Unless he is willing to hurt his pride and settle for less, Johnny won’t be back next year. So, my new pick for who I want for left field is Xavier Nady.

Xavier Nady

I always liked Xavier Nady. I have his rookie card, and I always thought he was a cutie When he came to the Yankees along with Marte in ’08, I was glad. Nady did well for the Yanks in 2008, hitting .268 with 12 HR and 40 RBI in 59 games. I thought that he would be even better in 2009 because he would have adjusted to the pitchers. But sadly, Nady’s 2009 season was cut short: way too short.

That’s my card! Only mined isn’t signed.

Nady only played 7 games in 2009. I remember when he got hurt. He fielded a ball in right, and fired a rocket throw back into the infield. And that was it. His elbow “popped,” and he had to exit the game. He tried rehabing it, but with no luck. Tragically, Nady had to have his 2nd Tommy John Surgery, and miss the rest of the season. Sometimes I saw him in the dugout with the rest of the boys, wearing jeans and a Yankee sweatshirt. It upset me to see him like that. You could tell that was not where he wanted to be.

One thing I love about Xavier is that, well, he’s adorable. Unlike most baseball players, Nady has quite a nice head of hair. I just want to run my fingers through it…it’s so nice and thick and smooth!


Another thing that is really cute about Xavier is that to me, he always looks like he is in deep, deep thought. I can’t really explain, he just looks like he is thinking about the most complex things. Take a look at his expressions on some of these:

Deep, deep thoughts.

What’s on your mind?

Why so serious?

I think I know what he’s thinking in this one. He might be thinking: “I’m hurt.” Poor baby…

I hope the Yankees give Xavier Nady another shot, because he never really had a fair one this first time. Xavier, I love you. I hope your arm feels better, and that you are enjoying your offseason. AND I HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN NEXT YEAR!

…Matt Holliday….-ugh-….I’m so over him.