November 2009

Bru…I Miss You

Brian Bruney

Thanksgiving is a day away. That’s good. I need something to take my mind off these Yankees. But until tomorrow, I’ll still be thinking about my boys. Right now, I miss Brian Bruney.

Brian Bruney had an injury-plagued season. He was hurt, he came back, but he wasn’t better, so he was out again, and then he came back. Overall, Bru had a nice season. He finished with an ERA of 3.92 in 39.0 innings pitched with 36 K’s. He didn’t make the postseason roster, and he was quite upset about that.

One thing I love about Bruney is that he is a sensitive guy. Even though he is big and tough at 6’3″ 235, he’s not afraid to show emotion. I remember hearing that he was close to tears when he found out that he wasn’t on the postseason roster. He was so disappointed that he wasn’t going to be able to help the team in the postseason. He’s so cute.

Another thing about Bru is that he looked different every night. I miss that. I miss waiting for him to come out of the pen so I could see what he looked like that night. First of all, at the start of the 2009 season, I almost didn’t recognize Bruney. He looked so different because he lost so much weight. He really looked good. Anyway, one night he’d have regular hair and be clean-shaven,

then he’d have long hair, kind of like Hughes,

then he’d be bald,

and then he’d just randomly have a moustache!

Every night, something would be different about Bru. His hair, his facial hair, high socks or low socks, long sleeves or short, and then. Then he did the most random thing ever.

He changed his number from #38 to #99! I was confused when I saw that. But it was him, Brian Bruney, #99. Hey, whatever floats your boat, Bru.

I can’t help but to laugh when I think of Brian Bruney. He looks like someong I know. I can’t put the picture up, because I don’t know what he will think, so I’l just tell everyone. Brian Bruney looks like my history teacher from last year, Mr. Ogden. I would love to show you a picture to compare, but Mr. Ogden knows jujutsu, so I don’t want to anger him. The picture I used for the bald Bruney is identical to Mr. Ogden. It’s scary.

Bruney, I miss you! I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and enjoy the offseason. Ogd- I mean Bru, I hope to see you next year!

The Philthies…I Miss Them

Phil Hughes and Phil Coke

Both of the Philthies were essential in the Yankees quest, and the completion of the quest, for #27. The righty and the lefty, both young, cute, dominant Yankee relievers who should be here a long time, are who I miss most today.

Phil Hughes  

Phil Hughes was arguably the reason the Yankees made it to the postseason. He began the year as a starter, and his numbers were less than flattering. Into the bullpen he went, and he transformed into a different pitcher. Hughes became more confident on the mound, and trusted his stuff. He pounded the strike zone, throwing 96 mph fastballs right by the everyone. Hughes finished the season with a 3.03 ERA and 96 K’s in 86 innings. He was a real beast.

Phil Coke was a huge reason why the Yankees even made it to the postseason. A huge responsibility was thrust upon him this year. Damaso Marte went down with an injury, an injury that was going to take the majority of the year to recover from. So little Phil Coke now had to be the only lefty of the bullpen. He had a huge job. He was the guy that came out of the pen to get out those big lefties, like steroid-monster Ortiz of the Red Sox. Cokey did his job well.

One thing I will never forget about Phil Hughes was that hair. Hughes began the year with a normal crew cut. But as the year went on, his hair grew. And he didn’t do anything about it. It just kept getting longer, and poofier, and it stuck out of his hat in a funny way. It was kind of distracting, and he looked silly. But he was pitching well. So I was like, “Phil, your hair looks funny, but if you keep pitching this well, I’ll grow to love it.”

Phil Coke never did anything weird with his hair. But he does look like somebody…

Coke looks a little like….

…that wrestler! AJ Styles!

Haha. That made me feel a little better. This Yankee withdrawl is slowly killing me. Philthies: Huggies and Cokey, I miss you guys. Both of you were beasts out of the bullpen. I hope to see you as the bridge to Mo for a long time. Enjoy the offseason, and Happy Thanksgiving! 

David Robertson – I Miss You!

David Robertson

I’m missing these bullpen guys. And I’m still suffering from my basball-withdrawl depression. I now seek to my blog for a remedy. I miss David Robertson, and I need to let things out.

David Robertson: another cute young rookie Yankee reliever. He’s only 24, and will turn 25 in April. At the beginning of the season I didnt’ really know much about David. He seemed like just an average pitcher. Maybe it’s because he was up and down between the bigs and AAA, and he didn’t have a set role in the bullpen. I always thought he was a cutie, and by the end of the season I really loved him. Robertson proved how valuable he is in the Yankee bullpen.

David Robertson of the New York Yankees pitches against the Cleveland Indians during opening day at the new Yankee Stadium on April 16, 2009 in the Bronx borough of New York City. This is the first regular season MLB game being played at the new venue which replaced the old Yankee Stadium as the Yankees home field.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** David Robertson

One Robertson moment that I don’t think anyone will forget took place during the postseason. It was game 2 of the ALDS between the Yankees and the Twins. The game was tied and Robertson came in in relief of Marte in the 11th inning. And he had to squeeze out of the biggest jam possible: bases loaded, no one out, and a tie game. Yikes. But not to worry. Robertson was cool, calm, and collected. He got the next 3 batters out without allowing a run! 2 balls hit to Tex, and a fly ball to Gardner. It was so exciting; a momentum shifter for the Yankees. And a Houdini act by David Robertson. I think that was Robertson’s Yankee moment. He proved that he can handle the ultimate jam. And this jam was in the postseason! Pretty impressive.

David looks pretty intimidating on the mound. He throws hard. And he has a cool windup. I really think he has a great future as a dominant reliever. I hope he remains a Yankee for his whole career if he keeps this up. What’s not to love about this kid? He’s adorable. A nice, clean-cut white kid from Alabama. He’s like the all-American boy living the dream. One thing that is so cute about him is that face he makes as he throws the ball. He looks so sad! Here is that sad face:

Hahaha, he’s adorable. I miss you, David. I can’t wait to see you and the rest of the champions! Enjoy the offseason!!! 

What I Miss About Ace

Alfredo Aceves

So it’s been the offseason for about 5 days now and I’m starting to miss each of my Yankees a little more each day. This always happens to me. But unlike the years of the past, I have this blog now. So I can just let things out. Throughout the offseason, I will be making posts about things I miss about each player, as well as things I remember, and just any random stuff about that Yankee. Let me start with a man they call “Ace.”

Alfredo Aceves

I miss Alfredo! He was so important to our Yankees this year! That 10-1 record was surely something else. He was always there, ready to pitch 2, 3, 4, even 5 innings if he had to. No wonder he had 10 wins in relief. Whenever the starter seemed to be lost and the game seemed like it was getting out of hand, Ace was there. He came in and shut the opponents down.


It seems like Aceves does what he does in a very quiet way. He isn’t the hardest hurler out of the Yankee ‘pen, he doesn’t have the biggest breaking curveball, but he is good. Alfredo Aceves is really, really good, and it is kind of scary. At age 26, Ace is one of these young-guns the Yanks have in their ‘pen, hopefully here to stay for a long while.

Alfredo Aceves Picture 

Ace is also a very cute Yankee. I heard this story about him: He once went to dinner with his wife, and pulled out a guitar and sang to her in Mexican. How cute is that? But his Yankee teammates found out, and wouldn’t let him hear the end of it. They even played it on that giant screen in the outfield and laughed at him! Aw, poor Aceves. Why were they making fun of him? I think that is sweet. He loves his wife!  

I think I have a pretty good celebrity lookalike for Aceves…..

Alfredo Aceves Picture

….Ace, and……..

vin-diesel-picture-1.jpg image by missshavizell

…….Vin Diesel! I have to say, I’m pretty proud of this one.

Alfredo, I’m going to miss you! I’m going ot miss that feeling of relief knowing that when you come in, the other team is going to stop hitting. Have a nice offseason, Ace. 93 days until you and the other pitchers and catchers report! I hope to see you soon! 

A Dream Come True…

They Did It

-Sigh- It’s over. All of it. The championship, the season, the parade, it’s all over now. And I couldn’t be more proud. Sorry I waited so long to cover this amazing story. But I think now I might be able to think about it without crying.

The game itself was great. Andy Pettitte just did what he always did and pitched brilliantly. Joba Chamberlain came out of the bullpen with that fire that made him so dominant back in 2007. And what about Damaso Marte? He really was something else this posteason. In that game 6, he faced two batters: Utley and Howard, and struck them both out on three pitches.

Marte comes through, whiffing Utley. Six outs to go.


After Marte got one out in the 8th, I knew what was coming. I heard that song, you know what song, and I started to get a little bit excited. When Mo comes in, you know it’s over. 5 outs? No problem.

The Yankees scored 7 runs in this win and 6 of them were courtesy of Hideki Matsui. The other was from an RBI single by Tex. And doing off Pedro? Priceless.

The hero - yet again - is Matsui ...

Wow. This could have been Hideki’s last game with the Yanks. I sure hope not. But if so, great job, Godzilla. You will always be remembered, Mr. World Series MVP.

I cried three different times during this game. The first time was when Mo entered the game, because I knew we were going to do it. The second time was when Victorino hit that pathetic grounder to Cano, who fired to Tex for the final out, which led to the celebration. The last time was during that video at the end of the postgame with that “Empire State of Mind” song by Jay-Z with the images of the Yankee postseason. It just reminded me of what they did to get here. And it reminded me that it is all over. The Yankees did it. They did it all. And no one can take that away from them, or from me.

... as he exits the game in favor of Joba Chamberlain.

Oh, Andy. Will we see you again next year? Please say yes :) 

The Bombers converge


Bedlam breaks out in the Bronx!  The celebration started at 11:50 p.m., when peerless reliever Mariano Rivera - who else? - forced Shane Victorino to ground out for the game's last out.

Just look at them! Like little boys….

Donning their new World Series Champion T-shirts ...

Hi Cervelli!

... before hoisting into the chilly Bronx air.


Okay I was wrong. I can’t think about it yet without crying. I don’t think I ever will be able to. I mean, they did it. THE YANKEES WON THE WORLD SERIES. I don’t have to worry about when I stole that pen anymore. The curse is over. No more worries about Alex Rodriguez or CC Sabathia in the postseason. Everything is perfect in the world of Yankee fans.

One thing is very sad. The parade was the last time that this great, magical team will be together. Some guys are going to go. It’s sad. I love this team. More than I have ever loved anything. I’ve been with them for the whole ride. It is going to be very hard to say goodbye.

Yankees, I want to say thank you once again. But I think you know by now. I’ll make this quick: I love you all so much. You gave me a great season, a season I will never forget. And I will never forget this special team. Thank you for making my dream come true.


The Yankees opened the old Yankee Stadium in 1923 with a World Series title - and find themselves 27 outs away from celebrating another one in their first year at the new Stadium on Wednesday night.  Take a look at the play-by-play of Wednesday night's game ...

This Could Be The Night….

#27? Tonight?

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been kind of sick. Swine flu is going around my school. My little brother was sick with flu-like symptoms, and he made me and my other brother sick. But hopefully, if the Yankees win tonight, I will feel better.

I’m nervous about this game. Andy on short rest? I know he’s a clutch postseason pitcher, but is this too much to ask from him? Pedro is going for the Phils. He pitched pretty well against the Yanks in game 2. And the Yankee bullpen situation scares me a bit. People keep saying that Mariano might pitch 3 innings tonight. Not 2, 3. Seems a bit much to ask from him. Hopefully, the Yanks will have a big enough lead so Mo can just pitch 2 innings maximum.

I wonder: A.J. Burnett only threw like 50-something pitches in game 5 when he stank. Maybe, just maybe, since the Yankee bullpen has been so shaky, we will see A.J. out of the pen? I wanted to call up Mike Francesa today to ask him that, but I didn’t know the number. I think that would be a risky move, but it might pay off. I know A.J. was bad his last start, but he is very inconsistent. Maybe his inconsistency can be a good thing if he can just be good tonight. I wonder if Girardi will have the guts to make a move like that.

I stayed in bed until noon today. Partly because I didn’t feel up to getting up, but also because I wanted to make sure I’ll be able to see the whole game, and hopefully, see the champagne celebration!!! 

Back under the lights in the Bronx, the New York Yankees are confident in their chances to win the World Series.

Yankees, good luck tonight. I will be with you in spirit!


A Win Closer

Yanks Take Series Lead!!!

I’m getting excited. I can’t help myself. The Phillies have won 11 of their last 12 postseason home games, and the Yankees beat them last night! No matter what, the Yankees will not lose this series on the road. Game 3 was a great game. I didn’t do anything for Halloween, it was just my quintessential Saturday: watching my Yankees win. What could be better? The Yankees beat the Phils 8-5.

Pitching Analysis: Andy Pettitte started last night, and he did a pretty good job. He went 6 innings and allowed 4 runs on 5 hits, and struckout 7. He had a rough 2nd inning in which he allowed 3 runs. Werth homered, the bases became loaded and he walked in a run, and the Victorino got a sac fly to give the Phils a 3-0 lead. Andy served up another solo shot to Werth in the 6th.

Andy Pettitte (2-0 in playoffs) makes his 12th World Series start for the Yankees.

Another postseason win for Andy.

The so-called “shaky” bullpen was not shaky last night; in fact it was quite solid. I have to admit, I was nervous when Joba came out to start the 7th. But he really did a nice job, pitching a 1-2-3 7th. In the 8th, it was Damaso Marte’s turn, the only reliever besides Mo whom I had confidence in. And he really dealt. He pitched a 1-2-3 8th, and struckout 2 of 3 hitters. Phil Hughes started the 9th. He got 1 out, but then served up a solo homer to Ruiz. I don’t know what to think about that. I mean, they had a 4 run lead, so I don’t blame him for throwing strikes. But when he was good, he threw strikes and struck everyone out. I don’t know. Anyway, after allowing that homer, Hughes was pulled for Mo, who got the next 2 guys out to nail down the victory for the Yanks.

Offensive Analysis: The offense did explode last night, but it took the Yanks awhile to get something started off Hamels. Finally in the 4th, a rally begun. The Yankees were down 3-0 at the start of the inning. Mark Teixeira drew a seemingly-innocent 1 out walk. Then the big man game to the plate. Alex Rodriguez, who was previously 0-8 in this World Series, looked to provide a spark for the Yanks. He hit a ball deep to right that was heading out, but it bounced back into the park in an odd way. I thought it was a homer, but they said it was a double. The Yanks asked for instant replay, and the umps correctly ruled it a homer. Yay! 3-2 now.

It's a Happy Halloween for A-Rod as he breaks his no-hit streak in the fourth ...

Is is gone?

... and the hit is ruled as a two-run homer, bringing in Mark Teixeira.

Hell yeaz!

In the 5th, the Yankee bats were loud. Nick Swisher led off with a double. I think it is safe to say he broke out of his slump last night. Melky Cabrera then struckout, and I was like “Darn, Melky, now Pettitte has to bat. Way to strand the runner.” I spoke too soon. Andy Pettitte smashed a solid single up the middle, which scored Nick Swisher! An RBI single for Pettitte? Hey, I’ll take it! And a funky, awkward slide by Swish.

Pettitte steps up to the plate in the fifth for a rare sight and manages to knock a single ...


... bringing in Nick Swisher, who slides hard into home ...


... and crashes into Carlos Ruiz on a close call, but is safe. Bombers' lead balloons to 4-2.

…..okay then,……that’s Swish for you……

The Yanks weren’t done yet. Jeet singled, and Johnny Damon drove in 2 more runs with a double! That gave the Yanks a 5-3 lead, a lead that they would never give up.

The Yanks added on 1 run in each of the next 3 innings. In the 6th, Swish hit a solo homer to give his team a 6-3 lead. In the 7th, Jorge drove in a run with an RBI single to make it 7-4. And in the 8th, Hideki Matsui came off the bench and hit an opposite-field solo homer to make it 8-4 Yanks. It was nice to see some extra runs.

This game was pretty exciting. The Yankees were down 3-0, and wound up coming back and winning 8-5. The heroes for this well-played game are Andy Pettitte, for pitching nicely and for being clutch with the bat, Nick Swisher, for coming out of his slump, and Arod, for proving that he is not slumping and for proving wrong the stupid FOX announcers. Haha. It’s Ryan Howard who stinks. He was 0-4 with 3 K’s last night. He’s a bum.

Great job, Yanks. We are so close!!! The closest we’ve been in years!!!! AAAHHH!!!

Ruiz hits a solo home run in the ninth, but that's all the action the Phillies see in the ninth. Yankees blast the Phillies, 8-5, to take the World Series lead, 2-1. They'll return to Citizens Bank Park Sunday for Game 4. CC Sabathia will take the hill against Joe Blanton.

Lemme see this 2 more times!!!!