Another Random Loss….But It Doesn’t Matter, Right?

Yanks Lose To The Team I Now Hate

We lost again. That was our third loss in a row. But it doesn’t matter, does it? We already clinched, so we are in for sure. But are these losses ruining the momentum of the Yankees? Are they trying their best? Is it wise to rest the players so much, or will they lose their groove at the plate? I don’t know. I hope Girardi knows. The Yankees lost last night 5-3.

Pitching Analysis: Andy Pettitte started for the Yankees. He wasn’t too good, but he wasn’t too bad. They took him out early to give the relievers some work. Andy went 4 & 1/3 innings of 5 run ball (just 3 were earned). His line could have looked better if he pitched longer, but it was more important to test the relievers.

Andy’s game face.

Alfredo Aceves and Chad Gaudin pitched in relief last night, and they both did an excellent job. If it wasn’t for that error, maybe the Yankees would have had a chance to win.

Defensive Analysis: In the 5th after Andy was pulled for Aceves, something stupid happened. With 1st and 2nd and 1 out, Ace had the runner picked off who was breaking for 3rd. He threw to Hinske, and the ball went off the top of Hinske’s glove, and into left field. 2 runs scored, and I was a bit annoyed. Those runs were charged to Andy, and the error was charged to Aceves. I thought it was Hinske’s error, because he did get a glove on it. Whatever. The runs scored, it doesn’t matter whose fault it was.

Offensive Analysis: The Yankees struggled at the plate once again. They scored just 3 runs on 9 hits. They out-hit the Rays, but they failed to get the big hit. I started to get mad at the Rays again. They hit Jerry Hairston twice, the first time in the kidney and the second time in the shoulder. Poor Jerry.

In the 5th, Johnny Damon got himself a much-needed RBI single, which was followed by an RBI single by Tex. In the 6th, Jerry had an RBi infield single. Other than that, the offense didn’t do anything.

What I liked seeing last night was the running game. Gardner had 2 stolen bases, Guzman had one, and Jerry tried to steal but was caught. That’s okay, though. I would rather see them get out stealing than just standing there on the base and letting the hitters make out. Stealing bases forces the other team to make the play. If they do, it is no fault on your part, they just deserve credit.

So the Yankees lost again, but I don’t think Girardi managed the game to win. He put in all the second-string guys and he pulled Andy early. Is this a problem, though? Shouldn’t he try to win so the Yankees have momentum going into the playoffs? Well, in 2000 the Yanks had a rough September and they won it all. This year, we aren’t really having a rough September. We clinched early and now we are just casually heading into the postseason. I shouldn’t be worrying. The Yankees are the best team; they will be fine. GO YANKEES! 



I think you’re right about the whole momentum issue–you definitely want to have a strong momentum going into the playoffs. Then again, you want your starting pitchers to get all the bad out of them and then be ready for the playoffs. I think you’ll be just fine!

Not to worry.. the boys are just resting. They’ll be ready by mid week when they have to be ; )

Buz –

I’m sure the Yanks will be fine, Virginia, but I’m a worrier like you. What I haven’t liked lately is the offense (well, the pitching too, but that’s another story). They don’t seem to be taking good swings. Are the bats resting too?

I don’t know what it means right now. The Yanks like I said “have half assed it through the end of the season.” But just knowing the Yankees, they will come back and win in the first series of the playoffs. : )


Random loss. Hmmm….Ok then, thanks for the win?
We’ll take it! Can’t do much with it, but still…
Have fun in the postseason! Good luck!

I haven’t decided if it’s rest or injury prevention…the Phillies only put one starteer in the field today, played all their bench players…funny though they won after losing all week…:-)
Outside the Phillies Looking In

Losing sucks, even when losing or winning means nothing, but I don’t think it was because they got outplayed. A part of it probably had to do with not wanting to go 100% against a team that is not in the playoffs when you personally have nothing to gain from it. I’m not saying they tanked on purpose…..maybe that they viewed the games as late ST games.


Virginia, maybe it is a combination of your team relaxing a little and the other team being the spoilers. The Yankees are such a fantastic team, they will come around.

For teams that have already qualified, the last game of the regular season is like a Spring Training Day. A time to relax and enjoy a game without any preasures.

It will all work out…the Yankees should go far in the playoffs! I am rooting for them :O)


Your guys are just relaxing a bit and getting ready for a big postseason. I can’t wait for the playoffs! It’s going to be so much fun cheering for the Red Sox🙂

Sorry, but the Rays need to show their true colors. I think the Yankees are still in good shape despite the losses.

Matthew Tang

I was trying to comment on your latest post but it was giving me a “sorry,cant find…..” that was weird. maybe you were taking that post off or updating it. I love reading your posts and I undestand your love for you Yankees. Will keep an eye out for the your future post in that link you gave out.
Good luck! how did the history test go?

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