The Cuties And Hotties Of Baseball-NL East And NL Central

The AL cuties have been named. Now it’s time for the NL. The NL East and the NL Central. I am saving the much-anticipated NL West for last. Alrighty then, let’s begin.

NL East

Philadelphia Phillies

-J.A. Happ

J.A. Happ This cutie is putting together quite a nice season for the Phils.

Atlanta Braves

-Javier Vasquez

Javier Vazquez I was absolutely crushed when the Yankees got rid of this hottie.

Florida Marlins

-Jeremy Hermida

Jeremy Hermida A nice little cutie.

-Cody Ross

Cody Ross This cutie is for my Aunt Barbara. She lives in Florida. He is her favorite Fish.

New York Mets

-David Wright

David Wright I felt so bad for him when he was hit in the head. Poor cutie. 

Washington Nationals

-Ryan Zimmerman

Ryan Zimmerman This is the cutie the Nats should build around.

-Wil Nieves

Wil Nieves This cutie was a former Yankee. I never thought I would see him again. 

NL Central

St. Louis Cardinals

-Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols A great man, and the best ballplayer. How can you NOT love him?

-Matt Holliday

Matt Holliday He’s so cute!!!

-Adam Wainwright

Adam Wainwright This little cutie is having a fabulous year for the Cards.

Chicago Cubs

-Ryan Theriot

Ryan Theriot Very cute.

-Ted Lilly

Ted Lilly A former Yankee southpaw, he is now a cutie on the Cubs.

Houston Astros

-Lance Berkman

Lance Berkman The Big Puma is pretty cute.

Milwaukee Brewers

-Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun He is really good. And really cute.

-J.J. Hardy

J.J. Hardy Very, very cute.

Cincinnati Reds

-Joey Votto

Joey Votto A Canadian-born cutie.

Pittsburgh Pirates

-Garrett Jones

Garrett Jones The HOTTEST player you have never heard of!

-Steve Pearce

Steve Pearce A nice little cutie.

There you have it. The cuties and hotties of the NL East and NL Central. I have to say, my personal favorite is Garrett Jones.

The final cutie post is the NL West. So Cat, Emma, Kaybee, Hyun Young, and everyone else, be sure you don’t miss it! The NL West is filled with cuties and hotties! I can’t wait!


Oh yeah there is a lot of hotties out in baseball world. I am from both EMMA & CATs blog. I did see your message on CAT’s saying that ETHIER is missing. He is the hottest. And I also think both KEMP & MARTIN are HOT! JETER is another hottie. I do agree Garrett Jones is a hottie and yes I have not heard from him. Thanks for the list!

I wasn’t crushed when the Yankees sent Vasquez packing, because he was getting hit pretty hard. But I do think he’s a cutie! David Wright too. Hope he’s feeling better.

I LOVE Ja Happ! Adorable! But Cody Ross? Really? He looks like the Chucky doll to me…LOL But ok, it is for family so I understand :O)


I cant believe you left John Lackey off the AL list, I mean cmon, seriously??

Well I seriously have to wonder what some women see in men and how they determine whos cute and whos not… I am surprised you chose Happ over Hamels…. and how did Pujols make the list…..I can understand Garrett Jones on your list, but the rest….what are they teaching young girls today…tut tut…

Nice list you have there, what they have in common is that they play like all-stars.

Matthew Tan

Hunter Pence and Cole Hammels are cute too🙂 Can’t wait for NL West!!

GREAT cuties!! This is such a great series, I can’t wait for the NL West!!! The Padres won again tonight. They’re doing so incredibly well.

MsDodgersrule! You made it here! haha, yes, we are waiting for the NL West!
I have a friend that is a big J.J. Hardy fan but she is defintely a Dodger fan first. Dodgers sure have a lot of cuties and you should see them when they cleanup. My friend LuvtheDodgers23 (because of Kirk Gibson) and I have seen them all dressed up ready to go to the airport and boy they look extra sharp! Oh I am with Jenn, Cody Ross? he was a Dodger you know. Wish we still had him.

You left off Hamels? And really, Pujols? You actually think he’s cute? Hmmm….I starting to worry about your taste in guys!

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