Yanks Are Shut Out By A’s?

You’d Better Believe It

I still can’t really believe that the Yankees were shut out by the A’s last night. And A.J. picked up the loss despite pitching a helluva game. That’s baseball. The Yankees lost last night 3-0.

Pitching Analysis: A.J. Burnett really pitched well. He pitched the whole game for the Yanks, 8 innings because they lost in the top of the 9th. He gave up 3 runs on 6 hits and 2 walks and he struckout 5 along the way. It was just 1 stupid inning that cost the Yanks the game, and that was the 4th.

A.J. Burnett pitches a complete game, but takes the loss to fall to 10-6.

A.J. pitched well, but got the loss.

With 1 out in the 4th, Rajai Davis hit a ball in the right-center gap that Swish dived for and missed, so it was a double. He then stole 3rd. Then they put the infield in, and Kurt Suzuki hit a grounder up the middle for a single, which scored Davis. That would not have been a hit if the infield was at normal depth. Then Scott Hairston singled and Suzuki went to 3rd. This is the part that annoyed me: A.J. started his windup to throw a pitch to Ellis, when he just bails on the windup and steps of. He balked, and the runners mved up, which meant Suzuki scored. Cheap! Then Mark Ellis doubled, and it was 3-0 A’s. That’s how it wound up at the end. A.J. Burnett pitched a great game. He just had some bad luck.

Defensive Analysis: The defense was very solid last night, but the 2nd inning really stood out to me. Hairston led off with a single, but tried to steal 2nd and was gunned down by the birthday boy Jorge Posada. Sweeney walked, and then Ellis came up. He hit a liner to Damon, who made a nice catch. But Sweeney did not know he caught the ball, and he was all the way at 3rd base! So the Yankees just walked the ball back to 1st, for the inning ending double play! 

Offensive Analysis: There was no offense last night. For some unknown reason, Brett Tomko was unhittable. I guess he really wanted revenge! The Yankees did have an opportunity to break the game wide open, but they failed.

In the 3rd, Ramiro Pena (cutie!) singled, Jeter singled, and Tex walked to load the bases with 1 out. Now it was Arod’s turn. And what does he do? On the first pitch he grounded back to the pitcher, who got the out at home and then the out at first. 1-2-3 double play. Who does that? But Arod’s “at-bat,” if you can even call it that, was absolutely ridiculous. He ended the inning on the first pitch of his at-bat! With the bases loaded, he should’ve been patient. He is the cleanup hitter. He needs to clean up, not ground weakly into a double play. CLEAN UP! GET A FRIGGIN HIT ONCE IN AWHILE! STOP LOOKING FOR KATE HUDSON IN THE CROWD AND FOCUS!!! JEEZ!

She’s not gonna be there every day, Alex!

So the Yankees were shutout by the A’s. A.J. pitched a great game but got the loss. Whatever. We’ll gettem tonight. The Yankees lost .5 of a game last night, but they still have a 7 game lead over the smelly Sox. I want a bigger lead. GET ME A BIGGER LEAD, BOYS!


That was a bad loss, but I think that the yanks will come back and rebound strong. They always do. Thanks for stopping by the blog.๐Ÿ™‚

Really bad loss last night. I was so mad! Brett Tomko? The A’s? COME ON! There was A-Rod’s at bat, but I was also mad at Jorge for his strikeouts and at Cano for his first pitch swinging in a crucial situation. Just not good baseball by our guys! Fingers crossed for CC tonight.


Whoah! I meant my foot! Jeez, what must be on YOUR mind, little lady?๐Ÿ˜›

I don’t really watch Bond movies.

Yes, well, this year is my 8th grade year, and the 8th grade teachers are really nice, but it’s still going to be awful, awful school, even though this year won’t be as awful as the previous year.

-It doesn’t make a bit of difference, guys! The balls are inert…


Now we have 2 losses in a row, last night was a shut out… does it get worse or better, what if they are swept by the ‘A’s…they should make the east division a little more interesting, the BoSox have to lose as well though…looking forward to see what surprise is in store tonight…:-)
Outside the Phillies Looking In

Well I would’ve said my school is small, then I saw the description of your school. what, are you in the eighteenth century? xD


Love the A-ROd picture, Virginia! And yeah, the loss wasn’t entirely your fault, the A’s played very well.
We’re gaining on you…sort of๐Ÿ™‚


I have to say, this really suprised me. Hey, it still doesn’t matter! You all are on top. Good luck. – http://tribechick.mlblogs.com/ -TC

I mentioned this on my blog but blaming Alex solely for this loss and then claiming it’s because he’s looking around for Kate Hudson is really, really shortsighted and letting the other 8 people in the lineup who failed off the hook. As fans, we shouldn’t do that.

Alex is not the sole reason we lost this game. The offense didn’t show up against a pitcher they should have smashed into oblivion. He’s part of the offense, but not the whole offense. Cano had a bad at-bat, Jorge had an atrocious one in the top of the 8th……where’s the slams on them? No, this was a team failure which sucks for AJ.


That was one good game gone bad, good because AJ pitched brilliantly and bad because the Yankee offense scored no runs. Hopefully both pitching and hitting will be on the same page in a good way.

Matthew Tang

Tough loss last night. :*( I wish Alex hadn’t hit into that DP–bi missed chance. Thanks for reading my blog, Virgina, I’m really glad my writing appeals to you! If you want to follow the blog on Facebook I have a page for it: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/Yankee-Yapping/108447142404?ref=ts

I don’t even want to speak of this game… It was painful. AJ tried but his teammates could not back him up for whatever reason. I sat here with an “are you kidding me right now” look the entire time. That freakin’ 4th inning! Ugh! If that never happened things could’ve been different. If things don’t work out well tonight, I WILL open up a can of you-know-what on these guys. No mercy!

– Lisa

Virgiinia,Tomko seemed to be better after he left the Dodgers too. I think he went to the Padres, I can’t remember. But Yankees fans shouldn’t despair, the team is so far ahead. I wish my Dodgers were on a roll like the Yankees are By the way, look at my blog for some new Andre pictures.

when I saw the score and who won the game I was liek “WHAT!? Brent Tompko!? the guy that the Dodgers called Bombko because of all the homerusn he used to give up with us? My brother actually thought the Yankees had won becasue he thought Tompko was still with the Yankees. I should not remind you so just take a deep breath and relax….relaaaaaax….. I need to tell some of Dodgers that. They are too tense.

when I saw the score and who won the game I was liek “WHAT!? Brent Tompko!? the guy that the Dodgers called Bombko because of all the homerusn he used to give up with us? My brother actually thought the Yankees had won becasue he thought Tompko was still with the Yankees. I should not remind you so just take a deep breath and relax….relaaaaaax….. I need to tell some of Dodgers that. They are too tense.

Virginia. Thanks for the nice compliments on my pictures. I take many pictures during the games and post a fraction of what I take. Yesterday I took 189. I couldn’t believe it. I did take several pictures of Andre when I was this close to him. He does take your breath away, for sure.
I really don’t think that most of the Dodgers are tense. Matty and Manny both are very hang loose. Andre is a bit tense at times but he knows how to laugh and enjoy it too.

Ah yes, the ongoing A-rod saga… the big question STILLL IS: can he hit in the playoffs? Hasn’t looked so good since his Yankee tenure started.

*Sabathia won his matchup, so we’re back on track for the time being. Virginia, you HAVE to check out this debate I’m having with this Angels fan on my page lol. It’s litterally a case of somebody stating that, “we spent a billion dollars on players – so the World Series should be expected, and Yankee fans are ‘dumb’ for being excited about it.” Give it a read, I’m fighting alone here lol. The guy has a point – the win should be expected with the money we’ve coughed up – but do you really think we’re “dumb” to be excited if we actually pull off another World Series win? I’m offended lol. Only Yankee fans have witnessed the Hughes saga, the Wang struggles, and everything that went into this season’s success. Check it out…


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