My Autographed Renegade Ball

Here it is!







Virginia, what a great ball. You need to put it in a cube. One of these players will be famous. The ball itself is cute. Good job.

That’s an awesome feeling to have a ball signed, you should keep that in mint condition, and like what Cat said up there, keep it in a protective casing.


Matthew Tang

Wow! Pretty neat on your part. I echo the above sentiments; keep that thing in a protective case – you never know… could be valuable some day!

Sucks that we lost tonight, but with Mitre on the mound you had to expect that as an outcome. I think with Joba and AJ pitching the last two games of this series, we have a better than average chance of winning those games and starting a new winning streak. Can’t wait to read your wrap-up!


Sweet ball! YOu know I love those Renegades. Does that mean you are a big Rays fan now since you are a Renegades fan? I think so!!! Thanks for the help with the BoSox. Things just got more interesting here in Tampa Bay.

Aw, Hudson Valley Renegades! They play the Staten Island Yankees [which is where I work!] My coworkers and I always thought the name “Bortnick” was funny LOL. Yeah, I know, silly, but it’s all good!

– Lisa

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