July 2009

Yankees Get “Slammed” and Lose Game

Yankees Lose Heartbreaker Due to Some Bad Luck

The Yankees did not play badly last night, it was just one of those tough games that you lose. After a 64 minute rain delay, the game finally started. That’s the 2nd Thursday in a row we’ve had a delay. Anyway, in heartbreaking fashion, the White Sox beat the Yankees 3-2.

Pitching Analysis: Andy Pettitte pitched well last night, going 6 & 1/3 innings while allowing 2 runs, only 1 of which was earned, and he struck out 8 along the way. He allowed a run in the 3rd due to a double by the rookie Beckham that scored Getz. Andy allowed another run later in the game due to an error. Overall, Andy pitched well. he has just been unlucky of late.

The “Philthies” both pitched yesterday. Hughes pitched 2 innings, and due to an error a run scored in the 7th and was charged to Andy. In the 9th, Hughes got into a 1st and 2nd jam, and the other philthy Coke was called upon. Dewayne Wise hit a ball back up the middle, and Coke just missed it. The winning run scored, and it was a CHEAP walkoff single. But a walkoff single it was.

The pitching was a plus last night even though the Yanks lost. They only allowed 8 hits. They just had bad luck .😦

Defensive Analysis: The defense was not bad last night, it just suffered from more bad luck. Andy Pettitte allowed a man on base due to an error he made. He was fielding a ball off the ground, and slipped on the wet grass and fell down as he tried to make the tag. Then later on, Hughes came in and got the double play ball he needed. Arod fired to Cano, who we all know is one of the best at turning double plays. But AJ Pierzynski barreled into Cano, making him throw the ball crazy, allowing Thome to score. I know you are supposed to go into 2nd hard, but you are supposed to slide. Pierzynski slammed into Cano, pummeling him so hard that he couldn’t throw right. I hate that Pierzynski. He seems like a trouble maker. It’s no wonder Michael Barrett punched him! I hope the Yankees have a play at the plate, and smash him so hard they break his leg off.

Offensive Analysis: There was not much offense last night, Gavin Floyd was dominating. The umpire was awful last night. He had a ridiculously wide strike zone, and kept calling balls WAY outside for strikes. Not to take anything away from Floyd, but that is partly why he had 10 K’s last night. A lot of them were called third strike, and they were obviously balls. Damon doubled home a run in the 6th. In the 9th with 2 out, Nick Swisher hit a home run to tie the game at 2 and gave the Yankees new life. But Wise’s walkoff single (cheap!) erased that.

Swish attempts a comeback, and connects for a homer.

It was a tough loss for the Yankees. Sadly, the Red Sox won thanks to a homer by the steroid-monster Ortiz. What a disgrace. The Yankees now have a 2.5 game lead in the AL East. Hopefully, they will go out there with a vengeance tonight and win, Win, WIN!!!!! GO ON BOYS! I’M WITH YOU ALL THE WAY!!!! 


The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA.

That’s Why They Call Him Big Papi

I’m the happiest girl in the whole USA. Why? Because the 25 men I love are in first place, with a cozy 3.5 lead over the Red Sox. And a fellow blogger told me great news. David Ortiz is on the list of steroid using scum! It just can’t get any better than this. The Red Sox fans always made fun of Arod, and now they can’t! I always knew he did, but now so does the rest of the world. This is the greatest day. Now the Red Sox are definetely going to collapse. This is going to be fun to watch.

ShrekOrtizMannydonkey.jpg buck foston image by CCase26

Oh, and Manny was on the list, too but we already knew that. We don’t really care about Manny anymore, and I’m sure Manny doesn’t care either. The Red Sox are falling apart. I love it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This truly is a great day. I am so happy. GO YANKEES!!!

Game 2 & Game 3: Polar Opposites, Yanks Bounce Back With a Win

Yankees Take Series, Had Everything Working Last Night

I guess my fellow bloggers were right. Sometimes you just lose a game. I thought for sure game 2 would be a start of bad things for the Yanks, but last night they played the way I’m used to them playing: well. It was a great game, and the Yankees won 6-2 over the Rays.

Pitching Analysis: Joba Chamberlain had the best start of his career last night. He went 8 innings of shutout ball, only giving up 3 hits and walking just 2, whie striking out 5. I am happy to eat my words about Joba. Before these past 3 good starts, I was very hard on him. I guess I expected him to be perfect everyday. But as Girardi said, he doesn’t have many innings under his belt. He is still learning how to pitch. I always liked Joba, but when he was pitching poorly I was beginning to think he was a fluke. Not anymore. I hope he stays a Yankee for his whole career. I think he saw the light and discovered what he was doing wrong. I know he will be dominant now.

Joba Chamberlain strikes out five in eight strong innings.

In Joba We Trust!

Brian Bruney came in to pitch the 9th since the Yanks had a big lead, and there is no other way of saying it: he really pitched badly. In previous outings when he gave up runs, he said he saw good things. It would be lying to say that there were good things last night. Bruney pitched just 1/3 of an inning, and allowed 2 runs. A leadoff triple to Crawford and a monster 2 run homer for Longoria. Then after a Zobrist pop out, Pena doubled. Bruney’s command just wasn’t there. He fell behind in the count to every hitter he faced. I feel bad for Bruney.

Mo came in and inherited Bruney’s mess. He nailed down the final 2 outs, but did not get a save. It doesn’t matter. He saved the game anyway!

Defensive Analysis: Like everything else, it was the polar opposite of game 2. The defense was incredible last night. Because Joba was pitching quickly and was on a roll, the defense was on its toes, ready to make every play. Pitching and defense. They go hand-in-hand. In the top of the third, Mark Teixeira made a fabulous play to rob Navarro of a hit. He hit a liner above Tex’s head, and Tex leapt like 5 feet into the air, extended his arm as far as humanly possible, and caught the ball! It was amazing. I love Tex. He is such a good player.

Offensive Analysis: It was much better last night. In the 1st, Jeter lead off with a triple and scored on a single by Tex. I guess Jeter was mad about the previous game. There were a lot of homers last night. In the 6th, Cano was up. He fouled a ball right off his shin. The trainer came out to look at it, but Cano stayed in the game. 2 pitches later, Cano hit a monster home run. That eases the pain a little!

Matsui double in the 8th, then Posada doubled, scoring pinch runner Ransom. In the 9th, my man Melky hit a home run for his 9th of the year. The Melkman delivered! I can’t get over how good of a year he is having. Then Tex hit his 26th homer of the year. I heard my Dad go “Whoa!” from the shower when Tex hit that one! It was quite a bomb.

Perfect spot on the bat! Ooh. We know where that’s going.🙂

It all adds up to a 6-2 Yankee win. It was a comforting win for me. They paid me back for the bad game. But I learned from my fellow bloggers that even a bad game is better than no game. That is so true. I hate the offseason. I long and yearn for baseball; it is my life. But a good game is better than a bad game, and the heroes for last night’s good game are Joba, for the best start of his young career and Tex for his production with both the bat and the glove. The Red Sox lost to the A’s last night, so the Yankees have a ******** 3.5 GAME LEAD IN THE AL EAST!!!!! O TO THE M TO THE G!!!!! This is getting good! I LOVE YOU GUYS, NOW RUN AWAY WITH IT! 27 IN THE BRONX! HURRRAAAHHHH!!! 

Sloppy Ball and 3 Hours I Won’t Get Back

Yankees Lose to Rays Due to a Sloppy-Played Game

You know, I wait all day to watch the Yankee game, and when it comes on I sit in the same spot for 3 hours taking notes on everything that happens. When the Yankees play a game as bad as the played last night, I feel that I was cheated. I invested 3 hours of my life, and this is what I get? A sloppy, poorly played game that results in a loss. When the Yanks lost to the A’s the other day, I didn’t feel this way. At least they played well and tried to make a comeback. But they just were beaten. Last night, they beat themselves. I’m not taking anything away from the Rays, but the Yankees handed them that game. It’s disgusting. The final score was 6-2.

Pitching Analysis: CC Sabathia took the hill last night, and he really struggled. He allowed a run in the second on a sac fly by Navarro, giving them a lead that was never relinquished. In the 3rd, Arod threw a ball crazy which allowed to a run. By the end of the 3rd the Rays had a 3-0 lead. In the 5th, after a 1-2-3 4th I thought CC was settling down, but then Evan Longoria hit a solo homer. In the 6th, Kapler lead off with a double. Then Bartlett hit a liner to Tex, who knocked it down, but no one was covering at first! Bartlett was safe, and Kapler scored. Then Bartlett scored on a ball that Swisher let play him in the outfield. That was all for CC.

In three starts against the Rays and Red Sox, CC Sabathia is 0-2 with a 6.10 ERA.

CC had nothing to feel good about yesterday.

When Girardi puts Melancon in, you know he is giving up the game. But he actually pitched well, throwing 2 & 1/3 innings of shutout ball. That was the only bright thing about last night.

Defensive Analysis: This was by far the worst defensively played game I have seen the Yankees play all year. Jeter and Arod made throwing errors. Arod was probably distracted by Kate Hudson. Focus! In the 5th, a ball was hit to right that was tailing toward the line. Swisher was tracking it down, and decided to be a hot dog. He slid when it was apparent that he did not have to, and the ball came out of his glove. It was a fair ball, and it led to a runner on third base. Then in the 6th, he screwed up again. A ball bounced in front of him for a blooper, and as the ball was rolling, Swisher let it get past him! He had to chase a ball that he should’ve picked up! That scored on that.

The defense was horrendous. When the pitcher is laboring, most likely the defense will lose focus and mess up. Pitching and defense go hand-in-hand, and the Yankees had neither last night.

Focus, Arod. FOCUS!

Offensive Analysis: It was utterly disgusting. When Jeter leadoff the game, he battled into a 3-2 count, and then looked at a pitch right down the middle for strike 3. I had a feeling after that at-bat how this game would be for the Yanks: Ugly. Against a struggling Kazmir, the Yankees only managed 1 run on 5 hits. Hideki Matsui had both RBI’s last night. The offense was dead last night. They just went up there, made out, and had no drive to win. I wish Francisco Cervelli could’ve played in that game. He always provided a spark for the team when they needed one.

Joe Girardi should have done something to spark the team. He should’ve made a huge fuss with an umpire and gotten himself thrown out of the game. No knock on Melancon, but putting him in showed that he was giving up the game. With the Yankees incredible offense, they are never out of the game. But with no spark yesterday, they were.

It was a very disappointing, sloppy game. I wish I could take those 3 hours back. The Yankees owe us all a better game today. At least the Red Sox lost, so the standings for them did not change. But the Yankees can’t depend on them losing; they have to win. I hope the Yanks bounce back with like 5 runs in the first and a solid pitching performance. And better defense! COME ON GUYS! GO OUT THERE AND WIN! WE CAN DO IT! HURRRAAAAHHH!!!

Ow! Ow! Burnett is Burning and Big Bats Are On Fire

Burnett and Offense Smokin’ in Victory Over Rays

In the first road game since I started my blog, the Yankees had everything working for a win. A.J. Burnett was awesome, and everyone in the lineup got at least 1 hit. It all added up to an 11-4 Yankee win. Here’s how it happened.

Pitching Analysis: A.J. Burnett continued his hot pitching, and had his nasty curveball and power fastball working. He went 7, allowing an unearned run due to a strikeout-wild pitch where Upton reached 1st. He struck out 5, and only allowed 2 hits. He is so fun to watch. Is it me or does he always look cranky on the mound? I don’t know why; he pitches so well. He has nothing to be cranky about. Just a game face I guess. Well anyway, A.J. was as good as I’ve ever seen him last night. I would be more that fine with him starting the World Series for us.

A.J.’s making his cranky face in this picture!

Jonathan Albaladejo, recently recalled from Scranton after Gardner broke his thumb, pitched 2/3 of the 8th, allowing 2 runs. He was not called up to be lights out, he just needed to give the bullpen some rest. And by this time the Yanks had a huge lead anyway. David Robertson came on to finish the game, allowing 1 run in 1 & 1/3 innings. The pitching was definetely a plus for the Yankees last night.

Defensive Analysis: Aside from Burnett’s wild pickoff throw in the first, the defense was once again solid last night. In the bottom of the 6th, Cano, Jeter, and Tex turned a nice 4-6-3 double play on Evan Longoria, preventing a big inning for the Rays. We have the best infield in the game, and like many of my fellow bloggers, I agree that Cano should win the Gold Glove this year.

Offensive Analysis: The Yankees touched home plate 11 times last night, and got contributions from every man in the lineup. Cano had a nice game with a homer, a triple, and 2 walks. Swisher had 2 homers. Damon had a 3-run homer, the 200th of his carreer. The Yankees better sign him. The birthday boy Alex Rodriguez had a 2-run double last night. My man Lechemente had 2 hits again last night, extending his hitting streak to 6 straight. Melky continues to be a weapon in the bottom of the order. Aside from Melky, many of the Yankees have hitting streaks, which were all extended last night.

It was the perfect win for the Yankees last night. They kept their 2.5 game lead over Boston, who happened to be victorious last night. The heroes for last night are A.J. Burnett for turnin’ me on with his hot curveball, and the entire Yankee lineup for smashing 15 hits and 11 runs. Let’s stay hot! Make this mama proud! (I don’t know what made me say that.) GO GETT’EM BOYS! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Yankees Return to Winning Ways Against the A’s

Yankees Bounce Back From Loss and Win to End Homestand

After a tough loss to the A’s, the Yankees wasted no time in picking up another W. My fears about them going on a long losing streak are gone now. I think this team has a drive that I have not seen in years, and I know that they won’t have a long bad stretch. Anyway, Sergio Mitrre made his second start for the Yanks yesterday.

Pitching Analysis: I thought Sergio Mitre was pretty good yesterday. The numbers don’t really show it, though. He went 5 innings, allowing 4 runs on 9 hits and stirking out 1. But, I think he did well for the following reasons: He did not walk a batter, he did get into a few jams but was composed enough to get his double plays to get out of them, and Joe Girardi gave him a very early hook. He only pitched 5 innings, but he only threw 74 pitches. I guess after Pettitte’s game Joe didn’t want to take any chances. Still I would’ve let Mitre go at least 6.

Mitre gave up 2 runs in the first, but had an easy 2nd and a 3rd of only 4 pitches! In the 4th with 1st and 3rd with no one out, Mark Ellis hit a sac fly. After a misplay on a double play ball, Mitre does get a beautifully turned 6-4-3 double play to end the inning and the threat. In the 5th, Orlando Cabrera (the annoying guy of the series) leadoff with a single, and Mitre followed by getting a 6-4-3 double play, his 3rd double play of the day.

After allowing a single to Kurt Suzuki to leadoff the 6th, Girardi pulled Mitre for Coke, who gave up the lead with a 2-run homer for Ellis. Mitre couldn’t get a win. Hughes pitches the 7th and as always was invincible, but in the 8th he ran into trouble. He got into a 2nd and 3rd 1 out jam, and Girardi called on Bruney to get 1 out. I was screaming at the TV when he did this. But despite his late struggles, Bruney got Mark Ellis to strike out. Yes! Then Mo came in for a 4 out save, and of course he got it! Overall, nice pitching. The pitchers were tough when they faced a jam, and for the most part got through the jams.

Defensive Analysis: The Yankees made Mitre’s outing better by fielding all his grounders well. The 3 double plays they turned were a great help to Mitre. Although a double play was booted, it did not matter because in the play after it they got the double play. The defense was solid yesterday.

Offensive Analysis: Everyone in the Yankees lineup got at least 1 hit yesterday. Jeter at the top and Ransom and Melky at the bottom contributed a lot yesterday. After Mitre gave up 2 in the first, the Yankees bounced back with 4 in the bottom half of the inning, thanks to a huge bases clearing double by Cano, who usually struggles in those situations. In the bottom of the 6th, Melky walked and Ransom doubled, and the Yankees had 2nd and 3d with 1 out. The Yankees had the same guys on base in the same scenario in the 4th, but failed to push a run across. Not this time. Jeter single in 2 runs, and Tex singled in Damon later on.

The Yankees got contributions from everyone in their lineup yesterday, and got the big hit enough times to win. The pitching and defense were solid enough for the win as well. What more could we ask for? The heroes for yesterday’s win were Derek Jeter for his go-ahead single, Robbie Cano for his clutch double in the first, and Brian Bruney. Although he only got 1 out, it was a huge out that put the ball in the hands of the greatest closer in baseball. And it was a huge out for his confidence. Great game yesterday. The Sox lost, so the Yankees regained the game they lost the other day. The Yankees have a tough road trip ahead of them, but they look to continue their hot streak and push away the Red Sox even more. Go Yanks!

Yankees Winning Streak Ends, My Blog is Lucky No More

For the First Time Since I Started This Blog, The Yankees Lost!

It was a frustrating loss for the Yankees yesterday. It started out as a tight pitchers duel, but eventually the A’s broke the game wide open. The Yankees tried to make a comeback, but it was all too late. It was really annoying to me because I started this blog on July 17th, and I thought it was a lucky blog because the Yankees won every game since I started it. The loss made me realize that my blog isn’t lucky, but come on. It’s not like they were going to win every game fot the rest of the year, right?

Pitching Analysis: Andy Pettitte took the hill for the Yankees yesterday, and started out really good. He did not give up a hit until the 4th inning. After the Yankees managed a run in the 6th, Pettitte went out for the 7th, and I just had a feeling he would start to stink. My instincts were right.

In the 7th Hairston led off with a double, followed by a walk to Nomar. Girardi came out, looking to pull Andy, who forced Girardi back into the dugout. Sure enough, Davis drove in Hairston. Then Crosby got a bunt single. Then, a little too late, Girardi pulls Andy for Aceves.

I think leaving in Andy was retarded. Joe, you are the manager! You make the decisions! Don’t let Andy, who did mean well, tell you what to do! If you thought it was time for him to come out, TAKE HIM OUT!!! Jeez!

Anyway, Aceves came in and was totally ineffective. He gave up a bunch of runs. Robertson had to come in to get the final out of the 7th. by the end of the inning it was 6-1.

The pitching started out strong, but completely fell apart. Hopefully Mitre will be strong today.

Defensive Analysis: There is really nothing to analyze. For the first half of the game when Pettitte was sharp, they were kept on their toes and were fine. Later in the game when the ball was being smashed around by the A’s, there was nothing they could do. It was fine.

Offensive Analysis: It was pretty dead yesterday. I hate in when the pitcher they are facing ha a 9 ERA and they can’t buy a run off him. In the 6th, Jeter singled and Brett Gardner tripled him in. The Yankees didn’t really make anything happen yesterday. Since they weren’t hitting Gonzalez, they should’ve tried building a run. The only person I saw who tried to do that was Melky Cabrera. In the bottom of the 5th, he got the first hit for the Yankees with the perfect bunt. But the Yankees failed to get anything going.

Late in the game, they tried doing one of their comebacks, and brought the game to 6-4. They threatened in the 9th, but failed to get the big hit.

It was a tough loss for the Yanks. The Red Sox won, bringing the Yankee lead to 1.5 games. There are no heroes in a Yankee loss :(   Hopefully, the Yankees go right back out there and win. I hate it when they have a winning streak and then start losing like 6 games in a row. It totally undoes the wins. Hopefully they won’t do that. Go Yanks! Let’s start a new winning streak!

Since it was such a frustrating loss, I have something here to cheer up all you Yankee fans. It is for those of you who watched “Mike and the Mad Dog.” Hopefully it will bring a laugh or two.

Strong Start By Joba and Hits From Top to Bottom Lead Yankees to 8th Straight

From Jeter to Melky, Yankees Bats Produce as Joba Goes 7

Last night versus the Athletics, the Yankees played well in every way. The pitching was excellent, and Jeter and Melky performed greatly. From the number 9 hole, Melky Cabrera went 3 for 4, not being retired. He had 3 hits and reached on an error, setting up rallies for the Yanks. It is good to see production like that from the bottom of the order. The Yankees won by the score of 8-3.

Pitching Analysis: Joba Chamberlain arguably had his best start of the year last night. He went 7 innings, giving up 1 run on just 2 hits and 3 walks while striking out 6. He was superb.

The only run he surrendered came in the first inning. With 1 out Orlando Cabrera doubled, stole third, and scored on a sac fly by Hairston. The rest of the night went well. He had 1-2-3 innings in the 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th. When he did get into a jam, like in the 5th with 2nd and 3rd 1 out, he toughened up to get out of it unscathed. In the 5th he sturck out Ellis and Patterson to end the inning and the Athletic’s threat.

Phil Coke came in to pitch the 8th after Joba started it and let 2 men aboard. Coke did a great job getting out of the inning allowing no runs. David Robertson came in to pitch the 9th because the Yankees had a big lead. He gave up 2 runs, but he nailed down the victory for the Yanks. The pitching was so strong again yesterday. If Joba continues pitching so well and building confidence, he is going to be unstoppable. Hopefully he will be more consistent.

Defensive Analysis: It was strong last night. There weren’t too many men on base last night. Joba worked quickly for him, keeping the defense on their toes and alert and ready to make the plays. Most likely, if the pitching is good, the defense will be also.

Offensive Analysis: Like I said before, the Yankees got production from almost everybody up and down the lineup. The 2nd inning is where it all started. Like the night before, it all started with an infield single, this time by Cano. Then Melky doubled. With 2nd and 3rd and 1 out, Jeter served a hard single to right, scoring Cano. Then Damon gets a broken bat infield single. Jeter is forced at second, and Orlando Cabrera throws to first, but no one is there! The throw hits Damon, so he is safe and Melky scored. Then Tex hits a ball to short, and Cabrera flips it wildly. Everyone is safe. The Yankees scored 2 runs that inning.

Derek Jeter delivers an RBI in the 3rd inning.

In the 5th, Swish led off with a walk, Melky gets an infield single, Jeter forces Melky, then Damon forces Jeter and Swisher scored. In the 6th, Arod doubled, and Arod scored on a Matsui ground out. In the 7th, Melky lead off with a single. Then Jeter hit a ball to short, and Cabrera flipped to second, but a hustling Melky beat it out, giving Jeter a hit! But after being called safe, Melky started losing his balance, and dancing around trying to stay on the base. He fell over, but kept his foot on the bag! He was safe! Melky always does something funny! I love him! The Yankees added a bunch of runs in the 8th, due to more bad defense by the A’s.

The Yankees played well last night to extend their winning streak to 8 straight. The heroes were Joba, for his best start of the year, Jeter for getting lots of hits and passing Ted Williams on the all-time hits list, and Melky Cabrera for his production from the 9 spot, and his comic relief on the bases! Lets keep playing like this! Make the Red Sox feel pressured! #27 in the Bronx! HURAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

  I’m not even going to ask.


Rain, Rain, Go Away So The Yankees Can Get Another  Win!!!

After a LONG Rain Delay, Yankees Battle The A’s and Win Yet Again

OMG. What else is new. The Yankees have won yet again last night to extend their winning streak to 7 straight. After a 2 hour and 43 minute rain delay, the game finally started. CC Sabathia took the hill for the Yanks, against Vin Mazzaro of the A’s. The Yanks won by the score of 6-3.

Pitching Analysis: 9:49 first pitch! CC Sabathia had a long time to wait, and that hurt him early. Although having a 1-2-3 first, CC struggled in the second. Garciaparra led off with a single, followed by a Kurt Suzuki double and a sac fly for Jack Cust. Then Bobby Crosby singled, scoring Suzuki. CC got banged around in this inning, but got Mark Ellis to pop up, avoiding further damage.

The 3rd was a nice, 1-2-3 6 pitch inning for CC. But in the 4th, Holliday led off with a double and wound up scoring. After that, CC settled down nicely and went 7 strong innings, stirking out 4 along the way. All things considered, it was a good start for CC as he now entered double digits in wins.  

Phil Hughes worked 2 scoreless, hitless innings last night to pick up his first save of the year. Man, is he Philthy or what! He makes hitters look stupid!

Defensive Analysis: Strong as usual. They turned the double plays when they had to, keeping CC out of further jams. This infield is probably the best in the game, everyone is Gold Glove quality. I have a feeling the 2nd baseman Gold Glove award is going to be a tight race. Cano is superb over there!

Offensive Analysis: The offense started off slowly last night, probably because they wanted to get a good look at the rookie. Once they did, they were relentless. I felt bad for the rookie because it was a homecoming for him and he was pitching in front of family and friends. But the Yankees need to keep winning so, whatever. 

Anyway, the offense started in the bottom of the 4th, with an innocent little infield single by Damon. Then Tex comes up, gets a 3-0 count, gets the green light, and crushes a ball into Teixeira’s Terrace in right with a 2 run blast, his 24th of the year, bringing the score to 3-2. Arod walked, then stole second, and Posada doubled him in. Then Eric Hinske singled, bringing the go ahead run home!


The Yankees added 2 more runs in the bottom of the 5th, thanks again to Tex and Jorge.

The heroes for this game were CC Sabathia, for his strong 7 innings, Tex & Jorge for their clutch bats and 5 RBIs combined last night, and for Phil Hughes for nailing down his first save. The best part was, the Red Sox didn’t play last night, so the Yankees gained half a game, strengthening their lead to 2.5 games! Let’s dig the Sox into a hole they can’t come out of! Keep up the good work Yankees! Let’s get #27 this year!!!  

The Two Sides of Nick Swisher

Nick Swisher Had a “Rocky” Day in the Field as the Yankees Win 6 Straight

Nick Swisher is quite a character. He is a real goofy, funny guy, but he is also a real ballplayer. He had an interesting day today, and helped the Yankees beat the Orioles for the second game in the row by the score of 6-4. The winning streak was also extended to 6 games. I’ll get to Swish after a quick game wrapup.

Pitching analysis: A.J. Burnett started this winning streak, and he was sure to continue it. He pitched 7 solid innings while stiking out 6 and only gave up 2 cheap runs. He is so fun to watch! I love his curveball!

A.J. got into a few minor jams throughout the game, but came out of them all. The 7th inning was annoying. Robert Andino led off with an chopper for an infield hit. Then Adam Jones, who had a great game, doubled. Markakis got a sac fly which scored Andino, and Jones went to 3rd. This was the annoying part. A.J. got Aubrey Huff to strike out, but the breaking ball got away from Posada, and Jones scored and Huff was at first. What a way to give up a run! Then he got Wigginton to pop up. A.J. wasn’t too happy.

Hughes pitched a scoreless 8th, and Bruney came in to pitch the 9th. He struck out the first two men he faced, but then Jones and Markakis hit back to back solo shots. Girardi pulled Bruney and used Rivera to nail his 28th save of the year.

Offensive analysis: The Yankees came out swinging today, and scored 4 runs in the first inning thanks to a leadoff double by Jeter, singles by Tex and Arod, a walk by Jorge, an infield hit for Cano, and a 2 run single for Swisher. There bats remained quiet after this until the 3rd, where Posada hit a home run into the Yankee bullpen. Then in the 8th, Arod singled and stole second, and Posada knocked him in with a double.

Jorge Posada homers and drives in two runs as the Yankees win their sixth straight.

Defensive analysis: Top of the 3rd. This is where I witnessed the two sides of Nick Swisher. Brian Roberts hit a ball to right that Swisher got under. It was hit farily well, but it was a routine play. When I saw it hit I thought, good. Roberts won’t be on the basepaths this inning. Well, I thought too soon. Nick Swisher got under the ball, and for some unknown reason, missed the ball! WHAT! So, because of this, Roberts wound up on second. I thought he was bound to score.

Later in the inning, with 2 out and 2nd and 3rd, Ty Wigginton scorched a ball to right that was tailing away from Nick Swisher. I was thinking, Darn! If Swish caught the first ball this wouldn’t have happened! Well, again I thought to soon. Swisher, who no doubt felt awful about missing the first ball, made an unbelievable play to rob Wigginton of an extra base hit and some RBIs. He extended his arm as far as he could and jumped for the ball. He couldn’t stop running, and ran halfway up the wall in right, damaging it with his spikes! A.J. was pumped, and Swisher had on his cute boyish smile. He was happy that he redeemed himself.

I guess Swisher wanted to make sure that we trusted him. In the top of the 6th, Luke Scott hit a ball that may have cleared the fence, or a sure double, and Swish was on the run again. With his back to the wall, he leapt, and caught the ball! OMG! He did it again! I think he redeemed himself now!

The heroes for today were A.J. Burnett for his 7 solid innings, Posada for his offensive support, and Nick Swisher! The two sides of Nick Swisher! He said after the game that if his day was ice cream, it would be rocky road! Who even thinks of that? Ha! It sure was fun to watch. It all added up to a 6-4 Yankee victory. Let’s hope things keep going right! GO SWISH! WE LOVE YOU!   

What a goofball!